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While melting into the bed,

she slips a glance out of the window

And catches a stunning glimpse

merging with her own shadow..

The lilies stand in silence

like testimonies of time

Hanging their heads,

their drooping bells do not tinkle,

they do not chime.

The perfumeries of white jasmine

penn sweet silent notes

to the blue-black night

Bathed in serene stilness,

the moon glistens like a drop of pearl,


from behind the curled clouds that hide

A handful of shiney stars,

a sprinkle of rain,

a pinch of glowing memories,

a twinkle of moments that never show again..

The fragrance of roses

lingers on the borders

in mute admiration

Hinting on the notes

of the music of the heart..


the scent of love’s sensation. :))