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3.5 st⭐rs out of 5 st⭐rs
Bleak but not bizarre, deadpan macabre. I guess, it is meant more for the first timers and early readers of creepy chillers. That is how Tales From Valleyview Cemetery is like.

Tales From Valleyview Cemetery by John Brhel  by John Brhel (Goodreads Author), Joseph Sullivan, Chad Wehrle (Illustrator)
I read it, liked it in parts, but you hardly can enjoy ghost stuff if it is too morbidly real and maybe even predictable. It is not a bad pick, but not exactly a turn on for shivers.
Like anecdotes, incidences, accidents, reported and compiled. Eerie yes, sometimes even sinister. Ghostly that leaves you aghast because it could be a real revelation of haunting and haunted, is its level of authentic feel, that I can guarantee.
Try it on a night when you feel like having a date with the shady shadowy present of those who made themselves past tenses, maybe it won’t leave you scared but spooked, yeah.
Not for the hardcore paranormal fans, it’s comparatively a light read for them. It could have been scarier.
I got a reviewer’s copy from the owner and I thank them for their patience as I have been extremely caught up with some terrible circumstances at home.

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