My Hall OF Fame

The Most Graceful Poet Award

The Most Compassionate Poet Award

The Most Resilient Poet Award

The Most Creative Blogger Award

U R A Rare Friend Award

Outstanding Blogger Award

Prolific Blogger Award

Friends are the best award

The Most Elegant Blogger Award


The Best Weekly Photo Award :))

Also, just come my have these:

Thursday Poets Rally Week 27 AwardsPosted on August 30, 2010 by Jingle


The Most Considerate Poet Award

The Most Stylish Poet Award

The Most Mindful Poet Award

Happy Best Friend Day Award

Talented Blogger Award

Sweet Princess Award

All of these have been awarded to me by Jingle, a blogger herself & her versatile group of poet bloggers. 🙂 These awards were actually created & issued by Jingle, she inspires every bit of me to share my pennings… I just can’t thank her enough :)) An amzingly creative, stunningly beautiful lady with the desire to turn the wheels of the blogging world, she awarded us thus: This was a competition titled Thursday Poets rally Poetry Week 26 

Thanks to Jingle, who herself was nominated for The PERFECT Poet Award including other awards, I feel very honored and accepts these awards. She runs several competitions on weekly/daily/monthly/seasonal basis and brings joy and cheer to the lives of many bloggers. I feel indebted to her for having found me and also found me worthy enough to be credited so. Cheers all!! :))
I nominate these writer friends of mine for two of these awards: (Jingle) (Ms. Peaches) ( shanegenziuk) (happyflowerwordzoo002) (Dinesh Naidu) (Rohan Sen) (Harsh Vardhan) (Neetish Tiwari)

I pass on the Happy Best Friend Day award & Talented Blogger Award to the following poets:

And this is especially for Jingle, the lovely girl, the pretty poetess, the apple of our eyes who is the darling of us all ! :))

For friends who capture the Heart 🙂

8 thoughts on “My Hall OF Fame”

  1. I love February 10th as it is my husbands birthday as well!! I celebrate your birth and presence during this life time!! Happy Belated birthday


  2. super cute.
    many thanks for thinking of me…


  3. You are super- cute Purvi- just your name is..


    • Olivia, now that is jusssst so sweet of U! and ur name in iself is so lovely! I am a regular reader of ur works, such a versatile artist U are! :)) Thanks for liking me and my works :))


  4. Zhanna P. Rader said:

    I enjoyed looking through your website. Are all those poems yours, Purvi?

    a poet
    writing in English
    and In Russian.


    • Thank you so much Zhanna. 🙂 U brought a smile to my face. yes dear, all of it is my work. the poems, pennings are mine. I’d liek to visit ur writes too. 🙂 So do let me know what your website is.


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