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This is what you literally call, lying under the stars. 
As I lie on the wooden boarding of my high rise bedroom floor, the stars, the sky are just there, an eyelength away. A handful smattered over the dull dark sky, tweeting me tiny stories like striking matches on a damp stack of logs. Welcome, night, when the moon, just a day ago, stretched itself enough to then begin coiling back to sleep and it feels like the only luxury you need, to have your own room in an apartment that gives you windows wide enough to watch them, the uncut diamonds scattered and sparkling. And then, in a while, you close your eyes only to wake to the sunrise. Who told being hung in air, like you were nowhere, felt like heaven? I tell it for now, I say it for tonight.
~ Purvi Petal , 22 Jun ©2016

Note: #copyrighted. Please do not use the photo and the write without my explicit permission.

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