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4*/5 rating

I got a copy of Collen Hoover‘s November 9 something around November 25, 2015. The book is a single night’s read, it is that interesting but because of my stint in the hospital, for the little time I was allowed to read, the book kept me great company.
It is a grounded, realistic take on a possibly real life situation, I like books that deal with everyday real life and not in a round about manner, meandering through the mundane, or contrastingly, like a racey track but, instead, focus on exactly how you and I will be going through it. It was not at all boring or loopy, not even in a single place, it kept me hooked (though I’ve grown out of the ‘unputdownable’ mode for most of the books, very rarely can a book do that for me now, everything is passable even if too good if it is material and not a matter of life and death).
The storyline is captivating for me because it features a writer. Not that all writers can be slotted in a particular description nor any match each other in their style of expression, yet whatever little of it has been depicted, has been done well. The book has a warmth and genuinity to it that made me grow respect for the author to be able to present humans the human side of humans. Most importantly, it is an original piece of work, not a reworked story. Thank God for that really! I’m getting impatient of copycats! It is so easy to better out some work already mulled upon all his life by someone else! Anyway, coming back to November 9, with its down to earth, real characters and with not too many dreamy dialogues but totally relatable (if you were in that situation) kind of conversations, it is a book about a life which should have been a fairytale but then it is what it is, almost a nightmare, but that’s what most of the so-called everyday seemingly ordinary lives are, nightmares with hints of fairytales hidden in them.
All in all, if you are not looking for surrealistic stuff and wish to remain in your head while travelling or living your life or because you want to read something connected to life but not the too gory side of it yet want emotions and pain to surface in the work, the book must not be missed. One of the kind of books I’d like to write myself, just because it does not float in air but keeps the reality check on.
It is significant that despite the protagonists belonging to a certain age group or the story based in a particular city, you never feel it is a limited read. The story could mean and matter to almost anyone, whatever their age group or location. The feelings and emotions are universal as well as real. What was all the more heartwarming was the heroine (Fallon’s) generous gesture which was honest, exactly like I would do, yet not really expected.
I am glad to have read this book and so soon after its release. 🙂