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4.5*/5 rating

It’s literally a man eat man world out there and seems like the whole world is doing drugs, one way or the other! I am not a sucker for zombie stories, in fact, quite averse to them. Throw into the skillet my allergic distaste for mushrooms. And yet, oh my lord! What an apocalypse it was, making me sit up and read it all, in one go while it scared me almost into thinking, ‘what if..’ . Nothing so gruesome had me ever so hooked..
Welcome to the world of Everyone Dies at the End. Rats! I hate rats, the scariest of creatures and so many others! Scary, creepy, yikes, things are getting worse! And yet I won’t put the book down … Horrifying but what else would you expect? One terrible mistake, greed.. and it can rip the world apart!
We are not really even some centuries far away from the tiptoeing in the fucking reality of an apocalypse arriving in anytime soon, for this reason, or that. But in any case, this terrifying story should serve as a good lesson to any drug junkies or those who presume it hardly matters giving drugs a try once! I shuddered at the consequences of one man’s greedy impulsive decision and was toying in my head about rating it as adult content with trigger warning but soon I realized, this could be the perfect story into making drugged dreamers see, what their needs and demands could lead to! The end was very satisfying and while a teeny weeny bit of me expected some twist, this surely wasn’t it! Woohoo! Stunning!

A fantastic read, vaguely reminded me of ‘The Ring’in a certain way the infection spread, I rate it with 4.5 stars and congratulate the author on penning this evenly paced, engaging novel that left me a little more courageous about zombie and gore stuff 😛 (though after the gory, gruesome stuff and the repulsive cover, I need something light and sweet to read, haha!

And thank you Riley Westbrook for sending me a free copy in exchange for a fair and honest review. 🙂

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