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3/5 * ( #GR Review)

I personally do not like rating poetry books. If they are authentic, non-plagiarized poems then they are an interaction, a relation, a relatability of the reader with the poetic expression, in that moment of reading. What clicks once might or might not click the same way each time. Or what didn’t bring out any feeling the first time, might become a totally different experience the next time. Finding meaning, relevance, connectivity or joy in a poetry book , as opposed to a prose book, depends more on the reader than the poet. It is a one to one experience, unparalleled.
The characters in this poetry book Secret Of True Love: Poems from the Heart, by The Duke Of Quails, are more like participants of a slam. Some female, others male, their interconnectedness through the daily grind called life bring out one repeated fact closer home: the escape of one is another’s prison.
Part of the matter-of-factness of these characters and the lives they lead, in which time is parceled out in units that they make, is expressed in this experience that at times love is just a sense of belonging or interestingly, sex. At other times, of course, it brings emotions: wonder, surprise, grief, respite. But the strongest feeling that emerges is that of loneliness, of loneliness ‘despite’ what they have had is love in between. A relatable book for those who swear by the pain of love. Check it out.