A Book Blast for 14 Days to Die by A. B. Whelan


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Hello all!

A Book Blast has been set up for 14 Days to Die by A. B. Whelan (a psychological thriller).

A STORY OF A MARRIAGE GONE TERRIBLY WRONG, written in the spirit of “The War of the Roses” and with the twisted mind of “Gone Girl”.
This is not a YA book!!

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The author is also offering a $25 Amazon gift card or Paypal cash prize.
The Rafflecopter giveaway ends: January 27, 2016.
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Pre-Release Review: 14 Days to Die by A.B. Whelan


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4.5*/5 rating

Who’s calling?

The not-by-chance discovery of her husband’s intentions to have her murdered are the beginning of a true evaluation of Sarah’s apparently happy marriage with her husband. Concluding the revelations to be just the tip of the iceberg, the scales are tipped in favor of Sarah hating her husband more and more by every passing day, wishing him dead by each passing moment, cursing herself for trusting life and more than that, the man she loves wholeheartedly, too much. She learns it the hard way how being the dedicated loyal wife has its biggest pitfall, first being taken for granted and then desired to be rid off in the most ominous possible way! Another novel I was tempted to read the moment I read its blurb and excerpt. 14 Days To Die  by A.B. Whelan. A little slow paced story that doesn’t let you go!


The story builds its drama word by word and the very prologue in so engaging, so genuine and understandable, you fall headlong in sympathy for this woman called Sarah. The honest but hilarious rollout of her minute to minute musings do not catch you off guard, but instead, you smile and smirk at how relatable those feelings would be for women caught in a similar situation.

One could say the book shouldn’t be read by men because it is too close a read of a troubled woman’s mind. Knowing the intensity of her pain can actually prepare them to fend fo themselves! 😛

The novel’s big plus is it’s very localized, homely timbre. For me, it’s very Asian in tone, more like incidences coming from an Indian home, something I like, the familiarity of content, despite being foreign. It was like a setting from my neighborhood, including Sarah’s narration of her everyday experiences, hopes, expectations, disappointments, beginning from her children, going onto Mike and ending on life itself.

Somehow, unlike the other reviewers who enjoyed it as a fun read, I perceived it more literally and hence seriously despite the novel’s even-paced, comfortable, sometime hilarious, sometimes sarcastic, cheeky situational humor and even a light uncomplicated tone, totally natural and unforced, completely unlike the compromise that Sarah was thrust into. Because life is like that. It reads like a genuine, honest, serious, gutsy take on mostly at-home women wives, or maybe even serious girlfriends, it must not be a joke to be in this woman’s shoes. It took me more time than due for this book, the author was too kind to rush the ARC for the review but I wasn’t exactly enjoying it as much as I should, only because I had been feeling unhappy about Sarah’s plight, making me feel vague and uneasy, plus a bad cold and damp weather keeps you mostly in the S.A.D. phase, because otherwise the book had every expression to keep me turning pages. On the other hand, I was so excited about the book, I could go hug kiss the author for penning such a literal account of what a woman goes through and thinks like, ‘only’ when she realizes she is getting crushed in the daily grind and being made a scapegoat, so much so that she is turned into the soon to be butchered sheep.

I have often wondered, why is it that marriages break up when there begin lurking threats of third, fourth, fifth or multiple angles? The rocky marriages such as Diana-Charles-Camilla or Hillary-Clinton-Monica and the fatal or disastrous outcomes of such trio situations, how many times did the situation of one of them sending a hired killer aiming for another’s heart, arise with them as a thought, a possible reality, or a failed attempt? What goes on in the mind of the betrayer and the betrayed? Does the thought of getting back at their more than errant husband/wife haunt them enough to want to get back at them in some way, plausibly with a reactionary love affair somewhere in the light of a revenge (such as Diana’s with Hewitt, Gilbey, Barry Mannakee and then later with Dody Fayed, Squidgygate I and II and what not) . Or it could lead to defiling of the partner’s image followed by divorce such as the publication of Diana: Her True Story in 1992, followed by the Camillagate scandal concluding in a string of divorces.

Sometimes, the reasons are far more trivial, where the husband is not able to segregate his personal life from the world outside and is unable to make either reassure the woman back home or make her secure about him. It is a lack of not merely understanding, but also the maturity of his accepting the necessity of the woman back home to be made at ease and if she already is, then not to go out and break her trust.


Love triangles become lethal when the offended believe they have been lied to or betrayed. No one likes being made a subject of treason. OR the killer was repeatedly lied to, betrayed, ignored and used callously, sometimes in their partial knowledge and then finally, after waiting for long for their partner to realize their worth and sincerity, their patience gives in, leading to such instances of retribution. So mostly, an intimate partner murder is a gendered phenomenon. Some people kill their mates because they find themselves in a love triangle.

This is all in the wide angle, those caught in a triangle are too much at fag ends to fall in a single line again. All in all, I just have to say, I won’t blame Sarah at all for her reactions and responses, her thoughts and capacity to cope with what came her way. It couldn’t have gone any other way. So I don’t get those ‘women’ reviewers at all who say Sarah was whining and her husband had forced her to get into that depreciatory situation. You must be really too blind and too successful and assumedly happy to not see that it wasn’t her choice, she was thrust into it for the love of her marriage, her family, her husband, her children, in the reverse order.

Was this a crime of passion– a frenzy of the heart? Was it a calculated retribution, for disrupting a bond between two lovers, that boomeranged? Or was it just one of those times…when somebody had to die? The end made me a tad sad. I kept waiting for a miracle. From the beginning till the ned. Perhaps this is where we fail. We expect miracles from ordinary lives and much more from people than the Angels we make them out to be in our heads. But then, that is what life can be. A Miracle or a Disaster. It depends on whose faith is answered. Learn the fascinating truth in a riveting story of cultivated obsession, betrayal, and murder… I am not giving away anything. 😛 Go find for yourself from this a must pick up for the season. You can buy the book soon, the expected publication is January 13th 2016!

And one more thing! If you want to win a signed ARC of ’14 Days to Die’ than check out this Goodreads book giveaway:https://www.goodreads.com/giveaway/show/168623-14-days-to-die


Book Review: November 9 by Colleen Hoover


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4*/5 rating

I got a copy of Collen Hoover‘s November 9 something around November 25, 2015. The book is a single night’s read, it is that interesting but because of my stint in the hospital, for the little time I was allowed to read, the book kept me great company.
It is a grounded, realistic take on a possibly real life situation, I like books that deal with everyday real life and not in a round about manner, meandering through the mundane, or contrastingly, like a racey track but, instead, focus on exactly how you and I will be going through it. It was not at all boring or loopy, not even in a single place, it kept me hooked (though I’ve grown out of the ‘unputdownable’ mode for most of the books, very rarely can a book do that for me now, everything is passable even if too good if it is material and not a matter of life and death).
The storyline is captivating for me because it features a writer. Not that all writers can be slotted in a particular description nor any match each other in their style of expression, yet whatever little of it has been depicted, has been done well. The book has a warmth and genuinity to it that made me grow respect for the author to be able to present humans the human side of humans. Most importantly, it is an original piece of work, not a reworked story. Thank God for that really! I’m getting impatient of copycats! It is so easy to better out some work already mulled upon all his life by someone else! Anyway, coming back to November 9, with its down to earth, real characters and with not too many dreamy dialogues but totally relatable (if you were in that situation) kind of conversations, it is a book about a life which should have been a fairytale but then it is what it is, almost a nightmare, but that’s what most of the so-called everyday seemingly ordinary lives are, nightmares with hints of fairytales hidden in them.
All in all, if you are not looking for surrealistic stuff and wish to remain in your head while travelling or living your life or because you want to read something connected to life but not the too gory side of it yet want emotions and pain to surface in the work, the book must not be missed. One of the kind of books I’d like to write myself, just because it does not float in air but keeps the reality check on.
It is significant that despite the protagonists belonging to a certain age group or the story based in a particular city, you never feel it is a limited read. The story could mean and matter to almost anyone, whatever their age group or location. The feelings and emotions are universal as well as real. What was all the more heartwarming was the heroine (Fallon’s) generous gesture which was honest, exactly like I would do, yet not really expected.
I am glad to have read this book and so soon after its release. 🙂


Book Review: Everyone Dies At The End


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4.5*/5 rating

It’s literally a man eat man world out there and seems like the whole world is doing drugs, one way or the other! I am not a sucker for zombie stories, in fact, quite averse to them. Throw into the skillet my allergic distaste for mushrooms. And yet, oh my lord! What an apocalypse it was, making me sit up and read it all, in one go while it scared me almost into thinking, ‘what if..’ . Nothing so gruesome had me ever so hooked..
Welcome to the world of Everyone Dies at the End. Rats! I hate rats, the scariest of creatures and so many others! Scary, creepy, yikes, things are getting worse! And yet I won’t put the book down … Horrifying but what else would you expect? One terrible mistake, greed.. and it can rip the world apart!
We are not really even some centuries far away from the tiptoeing in the fucking reality of an apocalypse arriving in anytime soon, for this reason, or that. But in any case, this terrifying story should serve as a good lesson to any drug junkies or those who presume it hardly matters giving drugs a try once! I shuddered at the consequences of one man’s greedy impulsive decision and was toying in my head about rating it as adult content with trigger warning but soon I realized, this could be the perfect story into making drugged dreamers see, what their needs and demands could lead to! The end was very satisfying and while a teeny weeny bit of me expected some twist, this surely wasn’t it! Woohoo! Stunning!

A fantastic read, vaguely reminded me of ‘The Ring’in a certain way the infection spread, I rate it with 4.5 stars and congratulate the author on penning this evenly paced, engaging novel that left me a little more courageous about zombie and gore stuff 😛 (though after the gory, gruesome stuff and the repulsive cover, I need something light and sweet to read, haha!

And thank you Riley Westbrook for sending me a free copy in exchange for a fair and honest review. 🙂

#Goodreads Review

Book Review: A Smattering of Darkness: Short and shorter twisted tales


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Quite true to its blurb, A Smattering of Darkness is a collection of short stories of varying lengths encapsulating the gray shades of the human psyche. It has short stories addressing some very shady aspects of the human mind. A world full of violence, abusive behaviors, gender issues, selfishness, and how people see everything else, except another human being in front of them, as the most important thing in the world.
Surprisingly, while she does not mention it, there is a lot of paranormal element that looms large in Alisha “Priti” Kirpalani‘s work, ‘The Encounter’ touching that sphere.
The sinister shadow of the monster within each mortal has been highlighted well with her pen. ‘Spirits’ is a fantastic example of that.
Alisha is good with wordplay and she is also successful in many spots in placing before us the exact feeling the protagonist might be going through, those hidden thoughts a person in that situation might actually have, and some of these instances had me by surprise, a pleasant one, at her ability to capture that instance well. Yet, and I don’t want to come across as rude or distasteful, but there were several other places, where some phrases which represented thoughts felt as if the writer had to struggle with being able to express them finely, they left me wanting in the department of linguistic expression.
There was something that had me a somewhat vexed with the content. The ends were always a twist, nothing at all how you would see the stories go. Sometimes I felt that some stories were begun right, nurtured in infancy, wanting to deliver some message to the reader, but then abandoned as they grew, hurriedly closed shut with a weird, even inexplicable ending, because the writer simply felt like playing a twist in her whim, just to make them appear quirky, and not because it was so needed. I might be wrong, everyone can have a different take, but this is what I felt. One of the stories, ‘Seven’, truly impressed me, the way it was sketched, like a live journal of a sufferer of the plight of the protagonist. The ending was undeniably nice, perhaps the rare positive one, but it didn’t match the realism that was so evocatively penned in the rest of the paragraphs.
The stories had me sad and they were even heavy to hold (and for this very reason I went slow with them, reading one, and the some time later), with a somewhat repetitive pattern of pukish descriptions, and since some entered no conclusive end except the ones that did, I was left with an unhappy feeling.
Except for the very end. The shortest ones were the best. To quote one from it,
“She broke his marriage, moved into his home. Faith foretold that history does repeat. He found another one who swept him off his feet.”

All in all, this is a fairly good debut, and I think the writer should not be missed for all the splashes of brilliance she makes, they are worth the take.
I received an E-copy of this anthology, A Smattering of Darkness in exchange for a fair and honest review.

#Goodreads Review

Code:PINK , a pre-release review


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∗∗∗∗ (4/5 stars rating)

I have been downloading books by the dozen and tossing them by sixes in the bin, and I had sincerely hoped this to be different. Luckily it was. I am glad I chose to get a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. From the moment I picked it, Code:Pink A Novel of Suspense intrigued me enough to spend part of my night through it, despite my eyes getting heavy with sleep. Thank you, Erica R. Stinson, for trusting me with your script, you haven’t disappointed me.
As I began reading it, the first thing that came to mind after having been through the first two chapters was “The thrill lies not as much in the discovery of whodunnit but the chase of why, how and next what.” How wrong I was, how misdirected, and therein lies the author’s success! For this very reason, the book is recommended. ^_^
Code:Pink, A Novel of Suspense by Erica R. Stinson
CODE:PINK is a well-writ suspense novel coming from a fairly newbie writer, with a lot of genuine presentation about what a couple, a newly un-blessed pair of parents, go through, together as well as individually, in the event of an abduction. Erica combines several situations remarkably well that highlight a tremendous amount of underground facts throughout the tense narrative, such as the fact that most kidnapped children are taken in-between that very tiny fragment of time-capsule when the child is born and is held by the nurse and being shown around to relatives. There that moment, gone the next! And that very few parents can actually hold through this trauma, they often end up so broken, not knowing who to blame, that the only way to mend and heal themselves somehow seems to be viable by breaking up for shorter or longer spans.
The book has maintained its pace, interest, style and content throughout; each chapter bringing in a new turn, compelling to turn pages one after another. It is a quickie, you won’t regret picking it for your short trip onboard or while waiting for your turn wherever. Also, the good thing is, despite maintaining its emotional quotient constantly, it doesn’t lead you to despair or exasperation, it doesn’t sadden you to depress though it does shock much, leaving you wondering about relationships without getting too sour or heavy on nerves.
I was hooked the minute I started this book, the writing style held my attention. I am not a great fan of overtly complicated language, this one is a smooth glide, uninterrupted and lucid; had me flipping pages, does not bore; nevertheless I never skipped through a single line just to reach to the next page. Yet.. yet, yet, yet, I wanted to reach through the pages and ultimately mistrusted all the characters because they weren’t giving away the culprit lol. I now wanted to finish it because I was really eager to know what happened.
The charm lies in the story and Erica knows how to say it. She is a good storyteller. The mystery arouses curiosity.The story is gripping, it captivates, evokes sympathy, some questions, and you nod a few times even when at places I felt the description lacked clear picturization, the only glitch.This is definitely a good, quick read for anyone who likes a real-life-like mystery. Do keep it on your TBR list.
The book’s Kindle edition shall be available at Amazon on 29 Dec 2015 while, by Smashwords,  the expected publication date is January 7th, 2016.
I am already looking forward to reading another by her, titled wept Away: A Survival Tactics Novella.