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4.5*/5 rating

Who’s calling?

The not-by-chance discovery of her husband’s intentions to have her murdered are the beginning of a true evaluation of Sarah’s apparently happy marriage with her husband. Concluding the revelations to be just the tip of the iceberg, the scales are tipped in favor of Sarah hating her husband more and more by every passing day, wishing him dead by each passing moment, cursing herself for trusting life and more than that, the man she loves wholeheartedly, too much. She learns it the hard way how being the dedicated loyal wife has its biggest pitfall, first being taken for granted and then desired to be rid off in the most ominous possible way! Another novel I was tempted to read the moment I read its blurb and excerpt. 14 Days To Die  by A.B. Whelan. A little slow paced story that doesn’t let you go!


The story builds its drama word by word and the very prologue in so engaging, so genuine and understandable, you fall headlong in sympathy for this woman called Sarah. The honest but hilarious rollout of her minute to minute musings do not catch you off guard, but instead, you smile and smirk at how relatable those feelings would be for women caught in a similar situation.

One could say the book shouldn’t be read by men because it is too close a read of a troubled woman’s mind. Knowing the intensity of her pain can actually prepare them to fend fo themselves! 😛

The novel’s big plus is it’s very localized, homely timbre. For me, it’s very Asian in tone, more like incidences coming from an Indian home, something I like, the familiarity of content, despite being foreign. It was like a setting from my neighborhood, including Sarah’s narration of her everyday experiences, hopes, expectations, disappointments, beginning from her children, going onto Mike and ending on life itself.

Somehow, unlike the other reviewers who enjoyed it as a fun read, I perceived it more literally and hence seriously despite the novel’s even-paced, comfortable, sometime hilarious, sometimes sarcastic, cheeky situational humor and even a light uncomplicated tone, totally natural and unforced, completely unlike the compromise that Sarah was thrust into. Because life is like that. It reads like a genuine, honest, serious, gutsy take on mostly at-home women wives, or maybe even serious girlfriends, it must not be a joke to be in this woman’s shoes. It took me more time than due for this book, the author was too kind to rush the ARC for the review but I wasn’t exactly enjoying it as much as I should, only because I had been feeling unhappy about Sarah’s plight, making me feel vague and uneasy, plus a bad cold and damp weather keeps you mostly in the S.A.D. phase, because otherwise the book had every expression to keep me turning pages. On the other hand, I was so excited about the book, I could go hug kiss the author for penning such a literal account of what a woman goes through and thinks like, ‘only’ when she realizes she is getting crushed in the daily grind and being made a scapegoat, so much so that she is turned into the soon to be butchered sheep.

I have often wondered, why is it that marriages break up when there begin lurking threats of third, fourth, fifth or multiple angles? The rocky marriages such as Diana-Charles-Camilla or Hillary-Clinton-Monica and the fatal or disastrous outcomes of such trio situations, how many times did the situation of one of them sending a hired killer aiming for another’s heart, arise with them as a thought, a possible reality, or a failed attempt? What goes on in the mind of the betrayer and the betrayed? Does the thought of getting back at their more than errant husband/wife haunt them enough to want to get back at them in some way, plausibly with a reactionary love affair somewhere in the light of a revenge (such as Diana’s with Hewitt, Gilbey, Barry Mannakee and then later with Dody Fayed, Squidgygate I and II and what not) . Or it could lead to defiling of the partner’s image followed by divorce such as the publication of Diana: Her True Story in 1992, followed by the Camillagate scandal concluding in a string of divorces.

Sometimes, the reasons are far more trivial, where the husband is not able to segregate his personal life from the world outside and is unable to make either reassure the woman back home or make her secure about him. It is a lack of not merely understanding, but also the maturity of his accepting the necessity of the woman back home to be made at ease and if she already is, then not to go out and break her trust.


Love triangles become lethal when the offended believe they have been lied to or betrayed. No one likes being made a subject of treason. OR the killer was repeatedly lied to, betrayed, ignored and used callously, sometimes in their partial knowledge and then finally, after waiting for long for their partner to realize their worth and sincerity, their patience gives in, leading to such instances of retribution. So mostly, an intimate partner murder is a gendered phenomenon. Some people kill their mates because they find themselves in a love triangle.

This is all in the wide angle, those caught in a triangle are too much at fag ends to fall in a single line again. All in all, I just have to say, I won’t blame Sarah at all for her reactions and responses, her thoughts and capacity to cope with what came her way. It couldn’t have gone any other way. So I don’t get those ‘women’ reviewers at all who say Sarah was whining and her husband had forced her to get into that depreciatory situation. You must be really too blind and too successful and assumedly happy to not see that it wasn’t her choice, she was thrust into it for the love of her marriage, her family, her husband, her children, in the reverse order.

Was this a crime of passion– a frenzy of the heart? Was it a calculated retribution, for disrupting a bond between two lovers, that boomeranged? Or was it just one of those times…when somebody had to die? The end made me a tad sad. I kept waiting for a miracle. From the beginning till the ned. Perhaps this is where we fail. We expect miracles from ordinary lives and much more from people than the Angels we make them out to be in our heads. But then, that is what life can be. A Miracle or a Disaster. It depends on whose faith is answered. Learn the fascinating truth in a riveting story of cultivated obsession, betrayal, and murder… I am not giving away anything. 😛 Go find for yourself from this a must pick up for the season. You can buy the book soon, the expected publication is January 13th 2016!

And one more thing! If you want to win a signed ARC of ’14 Days to Die’ than check out this Goodreads book giveaway:https://www.goodreads.com/giveaway/show/168623-14-days-to-die