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∗∗∗∗ (4/5 stars rating)

I have been downloading books by the dozen and tossing them by sixes in the bin, and I had sincerely hoped this to be different. Luckily it was. I am glad I chose to get a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. From the moment I picked it, Code:Pink A Novel of Suspense intrigued me enough to spend part of my night through it, despite my eyes getting heavy with sleep. Thank you, Erica R. Stinson, for trusting me with your script, you haven’t disappointed me.
As I began reading it, the first thing that came to mind after having been through the first two chapters was “The thrill lies not as much in the discovery of whodunnit but the chase of why, how and next what.” How wrong I was, how misdirected, and therein lies the author’s success! For this very reason, the book is recommended. ^_^
Code:Pink, A Novel of Suspense by Erica R. Stinson
CODE:PINK is a well-writ suspense novel coming from a fairly newbie writer, with a lot of genuine presentation about what a couple, a newly un-blessed pair of parents, go through, together as well as individually, in the event of an abduction. Erica combines several situations remarkably well that highlight a tremendous amount of underground facts throughout the tense narrative, such as the fact that most kidnapped children are taken in-between that very tiny fragment of time-capsule when the child is born and is held by the nurse and being shown around to relatives. There that moment, gone the next! And that very few parents can actually hold through this trauma, they often end up so broken, not knowing who to blame, that the only way to mend and heal themselves somehow seems to be viable by breaking up for shorter or longer spans.
The book has maintained its pace, interest, style and content throughout; each chapter bringing in a new turn, compelling to turn pages one after another. It is a quickie, you won’t regret picking it for your short trip onboard or while waiting for your turn wherever. Also, the good thing is, despite maintaining its emotional quotient constantly, it doesn’t lead you to despair or exasperation, it doesn’t sadden you to depress though it does shock much, leaving you wondering about relationships without getting too sour or heavy on nerves.
I was hooked the minute I started this book, the writing style held my attention. I am not a great fan of overtly complicated language, this one is a smooth glide, uninterrupted and lucid; had me flipping pages, does not bore; nevertheless I never skipped through a single line just to reach to the next page. Yet.. yet, yet, yet, I wanted to reach through the pages and ultimately mistrusted all the characters because they weren’t giving away the culprit lol. I now wanted to finish it because I was really eager to know what happened.
The charm lies in the story and Erica knows how to say it. She is a good storyteller. The mystery arouses curiosity.The story is gripping, it captivates, evokes sympathy, some questions, and you nod a few times even when at places I felt the description lacked clear picturization, the only glitch.This is definitely a good, quick read for anyone who likes a real-life-like mystery. Do keep it on your TBR list.
The book’s Kindle edition shall be available at Amazon on 29 Dec 2015 while, by Smashwords,  the expected publication date is January 7th, 2016.
I am already looking forward to reading another by her, titled wept Away: A Survival Tactics Novella.