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You can’t but observe without seeing, hearing, feeling… if you write without doing any of that, by staying unattached, then you are into the artificial act of writing, you cannot truly represent any of your characters or do your story justice until you become each one of them.
If you are insensate yet sentimental to a strip of words, and you say you are an observer but you use the mind and do not apply the heart into it, and you are not  reading/seeing/listening, thinking, analyzing, understanding or trying to gain a perspective, adopting, adapting, rejecting, accepting, wondering, realizing but only watching/hearing, concluding and strategizing, without ever touching the core, just like like bringing a building up without a foundation, neutralizing the subject or the issue to a zero. Then you are not doing a favor to creativity with your words, you cannot be a harbinger of change, you are merely reporting like a blind man clicking pictures, you are not doing your job, and whatever then this is that you are doing, you are not even doing it halfheartedly, you are only making a joke out of it, turning it into a triviality. ~ Purvi Petal​, 24 October © 2015