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Even if we do not flock together, you must write. Even if we do not gather the fallen feathers, you must write. Even if the flowers don’t smell the same anymore, you must write. Even if we do not collect twigs de rigueur, post longueur, you must write. For it is not everyday the words fall as easy as autumn leaves on the floor of mind, let them not decay, but time to compose do find.. for in your words I’ll search for replies to my letters, the letters you have read,maybe savoured but as yet not replied. You know how I lost my words to a blind alley. I grope in the dark for some ray of light. While I find my way back to sight, you must write. You write. I’m waiting.

Yours etc.


Prose & poem ~ Purvi Petal,12Sep©2015
Postcard meme ~ @puplumage (instagram)