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Two-peas-in-a-pod post

No, we don’t match our tastes on so many counts. Our choices our different, no we don’t even eat alike. We have different faiths and we touch the ground in different degrees. No, we don’t even wear the sameness of thought all so often. But when was it necessary for two people to be together in company only when they matched like DNA? We are poets. And painters. We are artists. We thrive on disfunctionality. We survive on variation of idea. We feed on difference of opinions, we respect confusions and reconstructions. For we create from chaos. That is what makes the two of us same, similar, fitting into each other like legs and pants, corresponding and parallel, (all) of a piece, like (two) peas in a pod.
~ Purvi Petal, 11May©2015

Fitted Misfits ~ *We go together like two peas in a pod*