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Question realted to my write

I had too many, items I mean.. still most lying at my old home.. till life threw me so far away from it all, I learnt to recognize life (and people in it ) as an entity of its own, separated from items., like chaff from wheat.

A disaster, any disaster, natural or man-made calamity, brings us grounding to this fact. All our belongings taken away, we don’t even get to move bag and baggage. All we are left with are a bundle of people we need to save and savor somehow and utmost. Most people have this problem of getting attached to feelings but not people. Rather than cling onto items that make memories out of people, I’d rather cling onto life. Gift them away, the old, not in use, dusty-rusty items. Give in charity or throw them away.
Walk out of old unnecessary memories retained through those tin-boxes and cartons full of items that block the spaces people must get, let them go. You’ll realize its always better to de-clutter from old stale items and make space for real people , inviting positivity that way.

Of course it is difficult to choose. But we should and must rely more on our ability to retain from intangible assets in our system than tangible assets. However, this is not the whole truth of life neither is it the complete philosophy. There is too much more to be said, as everything applies in a context and cannot or should not be perceived as the end all. This is not an exhaustive statement and not everything can be or should be given way (like when you clean your room, as in dusting-wiping, You don’t throw out regular, important stuff you haven’t used or need or will need or even might need, but you DO throw out the surplus, the not-ever-needed, rotting items) , yet the wise man says, if you cut out on some clutter and make some empty space, you actually let go of those unknown passive stale but intense emotions that have been blocking mind-space by holding and occupying it negatively (like cache occupies byte space? Or germs lurk in corners if you don’t regularly wipe and clean?) and thereby we unsuspectingly create emotional and physical pain that can even lead to serious ailments and diseases like backaches, cancer, auto-immune-disorders and the like!

On the other hand, when you make some empty space, it creates a sound vibration (it is interestingly created in the ratio of 1:4), that encourages us to change our focus and release judgments against ourselves and others, which in turn begins to relax the spaces where we hold those emotions, opening us to healing the scars of the past. If there was a theme for this write-up, it would be bringing order out of chaos and fitting pieces together in our world in a new way to heal, light up and become a better life.

Why and how I came to writing this article is a totally different story, an emotional roller coaster, wait for it in my next blog post. Till then, take care, get de-cluttering items and not people from your life. 🙂

~ Purvi Petal, 13 August ©2015

( @puplumage )