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A penning, a poem by a friend recently, triggered off a volley of thoughts in my mind about the paradoxical relation and mystical symbolism between water and fire. I decided to explore it like a poet again, and not like another critical language analyst. This is the poem :

~~~~~~~~watery fires~~~~~~~~

By : Siddharth Kaul

waters waters, waters in my life,
the life’s boat takes an extra stride
as the clock ticks another stroke,
Glides, sometimes rocks my boat…

waters waters waters standing still,
of peace, contentment the perfect still…
waters of joy so many within to sprinkle…
a few on the eyes salty that twinkle….

waters waters, fiery pains which quell
currents whose,take away from hell…
waters waters, those why me betray??
waters, O waters! tell me I pray ..

why the darkness engulfs me underneath the light….
why do the waters themselves burn tonight ???
waters waters, that spread joys to places vast
today carry…

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