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I miss you a lot. I miss your depth, the serenity, the coolness of your being. I miss the flowers we grew and the sun that shone above us. I miss the noontime window and poems that flew from them. I miss the fragrance of night jasmine that wafted along with the moon through our souls together. I miss the laughter that gurgled in the streams of our throats.
I miss the trinket boxes filled with the jingles of my Jewellery, I entrusted you with. I miss the faucets of ideas that gushed with the running waters. I miss every single tiny dream I saw sitting there, ensconced in your cozy arms while clouds came and burst overhead.

I want to be back. I want to be back home. I miss you, Home.

Take Care, much love,
~ Purvi Petal, 1June©2015