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Faith can make things go round for me. Blind faith. We all know that we can all fall down the stairs, a building, a cliff, a narrow unhedged mountain path, yet we attempt them. The first horse ride, the second bicycle attempt after the first fall, each school exam, every next interview is a good occassion and the previous failure a sureshot detriment in our even wanting to go for them. Success is not a guarantee and only that each milestone you mark In your journey in lands of mirages. 

But sitting back in our comfort zone, has it helped the mountaineer to cross that only makeshift treelog bridge that is the only escape from a waterlogged drowning village struck by landslides? Or could they survive who didn’t dare to jump out of their homes when the earthquake shook the very ground they stood on? How would you ever reach the safe end if you wouldn’t even try? Sometimes, the very lie of a hope can work the miracle. Remember O. Henry’s ‘Last Leaf’? Bare naked truth can make you cower and never ever want to hope, to try! A faith, even if false, can help to tide over and sustain a loss better than always forcing the truth down the throat. People have known to take that leap of faith in that detrimental phase and then moved on to accept reality when better equipped emotionally, physically, sensibly, for better grounds, pastures, hopes. Trust is what connects you to the other end, and your eye, when focussed on that target, disciplines each single cell of your body to concentrate to not miss its step. Once done, you are past the danger mark!

Let someone hold onto a lie sometime. Let that lie be a dream.
Let them walk that rope with that hope in hand
than slap them with a reality scream. [Purvi Petal]

People perish in wars of all sorts because they do not risk attempting to escape the assault. If the tight rope walker ( funambulists, acrobats and slackliners) wouldn’t keep faith about the rope and his muscle power, would he be ever able to walk the rope? Contrastingly, Stark acceptance of fact, of reality dissuades from trying. It is denial of the very basic principal of life, the constancy of change. It is being rooted to the spot for the real fear of the road ending one day. The only people who never tumble are those who never mount the high wire. (Oprah Winfrey). 

We all knew walking the moon was virtually impossible. Yet thought-fliers flew their crafted flyers for us and a day came we flew to the moon too, propelled by the fuel of desire and seemingly unachievable dreams. Physics comes to the rescue of so many of our otherwise unrealistic ideas. When we do the Maths of things, the number of varying probabilities astonishes and ultimately the statistics of a possible chance count higher than the naught. Two zeros fused or divided make infinity. That is the amazing reality of life, it can come to mean and multiply those meanings into so many things. Yes, it takes courage to do any of this. To be the aviator of your own dreams. Or to reach the safety net, leave alone success. And for that you need to have first of all faith in the power of your own self to achieve immense, moderate or vague success or to totally bite dust. Hope and faith make juggernauts out of us. Cowards at heart never won a battle ever. I am walking the tight rope of my life every day. Care to join?


Maria Spelterini walking across a tightrope across the Niagara Gorge. Picture via wikipedia. This image is in the public domain.