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When he chose a trivial ‘friend’ over her
While she left everyone behind solely to
Stand to be his only comforter,
She realized that day, that all promises
were a sham; A fool she was,
in her gullibility, holding his hand.

While she stood behind him,
stood for him and stood by him,
She was merely a standby for him.
While she steadfastly chose to stand by him,
all he chose was to make her a standby. .

I once again stand corrected in my assumption
that standing by a ‘friend’ pays in the long run.
It does pay, in a different way, to take away,
whatever I was left with after giving them the ‘rest’ of me.

He couldn’t stand her and her defending loyalty any longer.
He found ways to get out and get back at her to defeat her.

~Purvi Petal, 29April©2015

All word usages and examples are my own and copyrighted
and not to be used anywhere without my written sanction.

*The night between 28th and 29th of April*