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Spilling or spelling? Choking or pewking? Pouting or pouring? Spraying or spiralling?
Stifling or venting? Indecision had me more shattered.
The struggle caught me midway, splitting my words in air
than spewing them whole on paper.
Battered with my thoughts, all spent, I only had them half splattered.

~ Purvi Petal 23April©2015

* Muffled cries, baffled thoughts, decision-indecision, how much, how less, saying, not saying, stifling, venting, speaking, choking, between all this is this above.
What it is to decide between saying it and not saying it and how much to say it as to not hurt and yet be able to let the suffocating heart breathe a little, if only to be able to manage silent cries. Even that process needs some air.*