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On a day far removed from warmth, any body heat shared per chance is more than welcome. From one’s shirt to another’s wearing, from a given up seat to another butt’s grabbing, from one’s removed glove to another’s needy hand and from a loving hand that irons to emanate warmth to a shivering shoulder, from one hug to another, warmth is all we seek greedily and pass on unknowingly.
What if there was a charge to it like the electric wires that coil in our houses and offices? Both literally and figuratively? Of course we would shy away from it, even when in dire need.

And that is what is happening these days. A negative current runs through our relations, shocking us by running surplus, charging us exorbitantly. We have to yank our hands away, pulling ourselves off any warmth, staying cold, trying to warm our hands from common hearths, standing at a distance. All we get is an illusory impression of heat received and sent, but in reality and effectuality depleting us of our emotional and mental energies, our thermal heat turning to latent and evaporating away.

~ Purvi Petal © , 7 Jan 2015

*An update excerpt from unpublished (in the process of being written) but copyrighted ‘Burnt Scraps Of Paper’.