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Candles strung in lanterns flicker
On an evening as calm as this
Scent afloat lavender, hither thither
& your hand in mine is pure bliss
Amongst flowers purple and ivory pastels
Music spreads as butterflies engage in a kiss
Wafts a stray note of crackling timber
as the embers sparkling in the bright bonfire hiss

Out of the lush scenery of several daydreams
into the jungle of glass and green
from the dream’s craft I disembarked
onto the embrace of your heart that gleams
childlike awestruck, surrounded by trees
we dance a ball into the night, spinning on our heels
and like the wind I am whisked away,
held in arms light with delight

Above us the clouds part to give way to the moon
tender and dripping delicate diamante dew,
remembered only by the shine that lines our paths
As your eyes engage in dreams together we sew
Listening tiptoe to the wet droplets hiss on the fiery embers
are gathered all around the forgotten hills and forests
witnessing silently the whisperings of these hearts of ours
when envelops us the quilt quaintly familiar of a pearly mist.

~ ~ Purvi Petal, © May 09, 2012