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My eyes burn
the sting is stubborn
the smoke is stifling the heart
recalling all the moments,
put to fire
despite desire
it was no mean art
I strangle the emotions
Swallow potions
as portions seethe the mind
Oh I wonder
what a blunder
to have then
gone so blind.
I wish I knew
You were not
stock to the stew
but a sly by on the prowl
I took quick steps
in my breathless progress
and stumbled in plans foul
You were so sure
of emotional overtures
you rejected them in style
you minced no words
you fielded swords
you killed me
with mean smiles.
Oh how fake
was your take
in love and faith
I regret of no redress
I wish I could
go back and puke
on your yellings
when so often
You had yourself riled.
Only now I see
what I couldn’t then
you were not one
of those chivalrous men
you deserved not
the respect I offered
the grace I
on a platter proffered.
I close the file
of bygone days
and open it only
once in a while
Oh how I know
i will see again
you agitated and mad
armed to bombard
your filthy mind,
recoiled &
ready to revile..

~ Purvi Petal, © 2014