Here are some energy-saving tips we can all follow ~

1.Most homes consume high amount of energy due to heating and cooling and heating systems. Be sure to use only regulated systems with high-efficiency ratings.
2.To reduce the amount of heating and cooling required, ensure that there is insulation in ducts and walls to reduce heating/cooling escaping through cracks and walls.
3.Lower the thermostat on heating and increase the thermostat on Cooling. Just one centigrade difference can help save at least 10% on your monthly utility bill. Further, making energy efficient changes to your home can increase its market value.
4.Home appliances, such as DVD players and televisions, should be turned off and unplugged when not in use. Remember that these appliances still consume energy even when in standby mode so turn them off at the wall – even consider unplugging them completely.

Energy Saving recycling

5.When using the dishwasher, you can open the door and let the dishes dry in the open air instead of using the drying facility of the dishwasher.
6.Using a regular electric bulb can consume a lot of energy. Instead use fluorescent energy saving bulbs for lower energy consumption.
7.If you are using a hot water tank, make sure it has proper insulation. This alone can save dollars on your monthly utility bills.
To save water, ensure there are no leaky taps in sinks, baths and showers.
8.Lots of us may be unaware that keeping the refrigerator door open for extended times is a waste of energy. When the door is open, the cooling system of the refrigerator will require more energy to keep it cool, thus increasing energy consumption. Making sure that the seal on the refrigerator door works perfectly is another way to conserve energy at home.

Energy Saving is becoming more and more important as we wake up to the reality of what is happening to our planet.

As we consume increasing amounts of energy, and affect the Earth in the process, we need to be more diligent in reducing our carbon footprint.

Simple steps like turning lights off when leaving the room, walking instead of driving, and being aware of how our modern houses and offices affect the world are easy.

Following these simple energy-saving tips can help you conserve energy at home and in the office, help save the environment, as well as save you money on your bills.