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Peeping out of the window are reflections of trees on the opposite side of the road. Graffiti on the walls run parallel to the reel that unrolls in my mind.
Why do you find reasons to creep out of the nooks and corners of thoughts that I have hidden in lost forgotten gullies of my mind? You find reasons of silent mention, like those sips of soup that singe the tongue yet you go on on licking it because you are addicted to it, because it feels therapeutic.
I feel like I am in a phase of constant travel, wandering everywhere and anywhere, on the move, in a certain world of make exist. With people, without words.. without world, with thoughts. Why does life have to be such a twist? And if you let me climb out once in a while, you always push me into forays and dungeons. Will I ever live a normal world of peace and calm where I shall find love, the love embrace that shall cocoon me forever?


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