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A thousand and one people come and tell you how to behave and act and think. (yes, in that reverse chronological order, you got it right.) Facebook goes a step further, it keeps running a ticker with status updates that could put all the world’s philosophers to shame, what with faux quotes and authoritative advice that turn to be nothing but confusingly malicious in the long run. You sit there, ticking likes and posting agreements, or at times getting into an uncalled for argument with people who together seem to think/believe/behave totally different from you. For that moment, you fall all alone with your part of understanding, not a single soul supporting you, the entire lot adamant on their perception and belief based on their part of learning from wherever they have ~ books, movies, internet, peers and other forms of media (TV., newspapers & the like). Throw in a single experience and you are done with a half-cooked but well-baked theory they fight for so vehemently.
You on your part are mighty confused and add to that experiences more than one on that subject, then you are sure not to find the words that actually show you a direction ahead of all this. Direction ultimately comes from your own intuition and discretion. You cannot stop your hands from burning if you wouldn’t know what to try when. This, you have to learn on your own, at the right time. Even the right words fail to click at the right time, the perfect quotations mean nothing and any advice falls on deaf ears if you do not perceive and interpret it in the right light at the correct moment. This also goes for all those who are sitting together as a group and advising you, making a mockery of you, lambasting you till the last detail.
Such group culture is usually so rigid and stubborn, driven by the bullies, that even if someone wishes to break the norm and think differently, the person is immediately considered a betrayer and declared an outcast. So you dare not think differently, behave uniquely or support a different thought. Nothing really remains democratic. Most members, except for the bullies, actually fear the rest of the gang and refrain from making genuine open speech. They all speak the same language, limited within the same frame, their own created reality doing rounds in a whirlpool of complicated word structures, basically meaning nothing but that seem to be conveying a lot along with showing resolute support to the group bully’s thought range, which again is a repeated refrain.
The policy followed by the excessively verbose world in general is that of restrain* and not of refrain**, thereby implying that you basically not just shut up your mouth but your mind too.

So ultimately, I have come to stick to one fine wise piece of advice, which means to say,

“Hear all, follow none but one choice. Who but you, your inner voice.” 🙂

[* & ** :’Refrain from’ has the meaning of desist from and suggests that you stop yourself from doing something. It is used in the sort of notice you have given and is simply a polite/formal way of saying: Don’t smoke …
Restrain‘ suggests restrict or limit or control. It is used in expressions like: restrain your laughter (not laugh too much) restrain your temper (control your anger) restrain your feelings (manage your feelings).]

I would like to utilise this post for another great opportunity of appreciation, bestowed upon me by a very loving friend and an adorable blogger, Aakanksha Singh of the The Poetically Incorrect. blog fame. ♥ This girl has not only always spoken from her heart, but has also often spoken my mind and her mind of course 😉 ‘chuckle!’ I love to have her as a part of my very close friend circle where we all pour in our ideas in the form of writes. That apart, it is a great inspiring company I have, even when down and out, you are bound to beat your Writer’s Block after reading some the best contemporary writes. Some of their works can be sampled at The Annual Blurts Event. 🙂

Other than the sweet cherub I mentioned above, I have a cool summer showering by the name of  The Reader Appreciation Award for the following amazing bloggers who more than deserve a passing mention here 🙂

Now, as is with every blog award, there are some rules I must follow.

The rules are:

1. List at least six nominations
2. Link the Award Image back to the one who presented it to you.

This is the third time I am taking up the tough task of nominating some wonderful people who in my opinion deserve this award. Though I believe that I am no authority on poetry or prose or anything anybody writes but I do understand the thought behind awards. It is not to judge but to appreciate and encourage fellow bloggers to morally boost the fellow writers and (as my dear friend Aakanksha puts it) “keep the good stuff coming”.

Here goes my list of Eight truly deserving nominees for this award:

  • Mind Map Inspiration ~ One of the best blogs that help you plan and chalk things out with the help of extensively illustrated flow-charts and mind-maps, whatever the subject. Super duper awesome!
  • Illustrated Bites ~ Heather Diane, an illustrator and sign painter created this blog to share her two loves of imaging making and food. This blog is a celebration of all things delicious and I hope you enjoy the delicious sight of her blog that makes your mouth water and the hands itch to draw just as beautifully!
  • I hope you remember me ~ (also at http://ihopeyouremember.me/) is a great blog where words merge with pictures and you relive an expression that has long floated in your mind but never perfectly worded. One of the best ‘word-doctors’ who know how and where to place the healing balm of aptly worded pictures. 
  • BUTTERFLIES OF TIME ~ Another fabulous blog with its poetry worth a read every single time you drop by 🙂
  • Indulgence ~ Now this blogger knows how to craft even the ordinary mundane day into something so special and delicate, her expression so adorably relate-able, that you can never ever get tired reading her. :))
  • Oink! I’m a CAT! ~ As the very name suggests, you can make out that the owner of this blog is an out and out crazy, vivacious kid who I wish should never grow out of writing wonderful tales that keep tumbling out of her pocket every now and then. Simply can’t stop admiring and adoring her talent and madness!

Halfway Between The Gutter And The Stars ~ A blog that is so real, I never skip reading its posts. beleive me, pain is something relative yet very few understand and convey it as aptly as she does. my heart goes out to this brave lady.

Congratulations, you all. Beleive me, you deserve every ounce of appreciation that I write along with this award. May you keep penning, clicking, sharing all the goodies that you make my eyes go round with 🙂

To all my lovely friends reading this, do take a second to visit the afore-nominated blogs. I am sure your presence would make an oceanic of difference to their smiles as it does to me.
Thanks to you for being the great “blog-family” that you are.