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 Alive, Crackling with fire
Anger spitting Dragon
Verbal Duel Held in Quagmire
Love has become the stage
for despise, hatred and non-desire
None related, yet
a common disgust binds
Abusive thoughts
and complicated minds
The wisdom within
becomes thoughtlessness
and too much rationale,
enraged, blinds
If Clash is therein,
(as Peace, reigns within, not outside)
there ought to be noise of clutter to begin
and then slaughter would follow as no surprise
For What do Thy tire Yourself so much?
When letting alone and letting go can be better as such!
Shh! Be Quiet
Hear the voice within

Or else You’ll hear
merely your own & others’
heavy breathing
Don’t allow the numbing noises
to get to your senses
Don’t let your one single thought
mindlessly drag..

Raise the White Flag.