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Like every year, I would again want to cover my window with as assortment of paper-kites. Red, green, yellow, purple, small, big, narrow, wide, as many as the window can accomodate.

But last year the squirrel had eaten up most of the taped collage and built a nest right next to my bed, trying to eat up the pane-wood and my pillow, that nasty mischievious rodent I had always otherwise thought so cute!

I wont be able to put up cutouts of clouds or hang any cellophane stars either coz a lil birdie found it all so home like in my sky-blue walled room that it almost committed suicide in happiness, entangling itself in the threads and the fan, going round and round in sheer delight. 😐
I cannot change the curtains back to plain velvet pink because mom finds them too staid and is satisfactorily pleased with the gray & powder-blue floral print glaze cotton ones. :/ I want to buy the gold & beige raw silk rose embossed self-design bed-spread but everybody thinks it’s too expensive a mismatch and rather suited for a pastel-pink room. The vintage side-table crochet net doilies have coffee stains on them, the ones that refuse to go because I was too busy typing-drinking-eating-thinking to notice them on time.

My corner book-shelf has been shifted in the gallery because the spiders and mosquitoes love to play hide and seek amongst them, enjoying the scent of books and a bite or more of myself to keep them full. :X Lord like, omnipresent mosquitoes 😐

And of course, the Lizards. *shudders* The ones who are self-assumed proprietary owners of every surface & corner that you paid for and once loved to touch,the remnants of a collosal dinosourial past who are as proud & stubborn as their greatest fore-fathers. A tenant who has per force stuck itself to your walls, taking them & every other thing in vicinity over from you and won’t pay rent. One who would dare to arrogantly stare you in the eye like a goon, threatening you with dire consequences after snatching your place, freaking you out till you get the creeps so much so that you lose sleep. 😦
Is this MY room any more? :O