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She is the girl I lost, some moons ago, at nights
when quarter sobs broke their way
hidden amidst dark crimson lights

She is the girl I lost, some winters ago, one year
When November tossed her dreams in the sea,
casket full of kisses & letters locked inside

She is the girl I lost, some Suns ago, one half morning
When he woke up to tell her casual,
honey, I forgot you, alright?


She is the girl I lost, some Summers ago, too bright
When the b(r)ooks turned broke and waters ran dry
all was left were some pebbles that sat uptight

She is the girl I lost, Some eons ago, time quirky of itself
When clocks croaked and stars groaned
as chimed the Spring bringing Autumn in sight..

I still hope to find her, hidden among rubble and sand
you might just dig to find her, between the sea and the land

I still pray to seek her, somehow stolen from the wretched tangles
you might just pray as well for her to recover,
the shadow of illness that cast itself on her life’s angles..