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That night when U wanted stability, relief

U kept me awake & drew the needed grace

The required pace, some laughs, much peace

Through me, U quietened your storming tears

And Strengthened in love, your failing belief

The void was filled, that had been created when

someone else had sucked your Soul’s nectar

Your empty self, now hydrated, refilled

U felt more alive, recharged, much better

 And then U returned to the din of Your world

 Rejecting the calm that my giggles

 emanated from Ur now tranquil smiles

 Those in-between maggi moments, mad chats

And excited whispers once in a while

 All forgotten, wiped clean from ur requirement

U walked away Self Immersed,

Eyes closed, relaxed, shut in bliss, self-contentment.

Its Okay, I understand”, was all I could muster

& added, “I am always there as the good friend, whenever U need..”

And U too, proved truly, the friend who was The Friend In Need indeed!

*The last 2 lines are actually pun to each other.. & the last one thus gets ironical.. I guess, it could be included in the list of Paraprosdokians*.

Dedicated to a selfish, self-centered, calculative, manipulative once upon a time ‘friend’. Read more at ~


A big thank you to Morgan Jauncey of  THE WONDERFUL WORLD THROUGH MY EYES! ( http://morganjauncey.com ) for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger award. It is great encouragement for me to continue to share my opinions, adventures and my hidden away photographs with you all. Thanks for taking the time to wander through my part of the world!

7 Random things about myself are:

Intensity is a synonym for me, enigma my second name,  gravity my identity though frivolity my identification, sensitivity my recognition, poetry my decoration. AND One thing people must remember: I forgive but DO NOT forget.

Here are the rules for the Versatile Blogger Award:
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    *refer Wikipedia