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I wonder,
how my boat full of posies,
going your way,
reaching you to gift a flower..
Adorn a garland a day,
capsized midway..
I tried planting
a garden around us
but perhaps a few cactii came our way..
Now what to say, what to say!


Thank you Thursday Poets Rally for the Perfect Poet Award Week 57. I Nominate Becaa Givens, Kellie Elmore, Janaki Nagaraj and Miss Kitten for the next award.

The links to their blogs are:

Becca: http://beccagivens.wordpress.com/

Kellie: http://magicinthebackyard.wordpress.com/

Janaki: http://janukulkarni.blogspot.com/

Miss Kitten: http://randommisanthrope.com/author/blueeyedcat/