♥♥ .. And Then my soul sαw you αnd it kind of went
” Oh there you αre !!’. I’ve been looking for you ♥♥ !! “
Explaining to you how much and why I love you would be
as simple as explaining and describing to you how water tastes.. ♥♥

The further I am, the closer U be..
The words I seek, the words U be..
Like a trickle it comes, what gives to me..
that aqueous fluid that runs now in me.
I sought, got nought, I seeketh more
I sought, I sought, at destiny’s shore
even the most brilliant traders
could not bring the oasis to me,
The one that brings, the simple shepherd,
Elixir may I call? The water sweet be..

You and me, We are merchants of dreams. We trade them for the shimmering white pearls of Khasra, the oasis of salty waters in the arid lands of sands and sand-streams. I wear a string of pink and U stud an iridescent cloud gray radiance to your finger-ring. But one large black pearl we do not trade. In our heart, the mother of pearl, we keep it encased. Hidden underneath a palm fronds sheath.

~ Purvi


I would particularly love to nominate Jingle, Dancingfreak, ~ L, carefreewanderer,  Leo, someone is special & nithvarma 🙂