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(a poem for a fictitious muse By Purvi & Raj Shekhar Sen,
written eons ago, still fresh in the memories of friendship)


By River Teesta as he stood
smoking a cigar in the evening’s hood
of the dark night to unfold
his life’s thoughts & moments on the threshold
glowed somewhere far, a lamp of charcoal
he saw in its depths murky waters sink in
but the shallow banks had clear streams rolling
The little fish there jumped in gay abandon
joyous of the company of fresh waters random
while the black deep saw the twirls & the foam.

And, there he stood, all alone! Deranged?
Their need, their reason for existence could not be exchanged !

Thoughts riveting back to those scarlet days,
When hope was alive, with love in his ways
But now the anguish of revealing the truth of it all,
She is not in love with him, oh the merciless hurt, the fall.
To look at the fishes swimming with the flow,
The joy of their swim, the river on whom stars glow.
They are elated even to float that way,
They don’t desire,to move nor to sway
Staring in the waters with the heart busy thinking though
In the irony of her beauty even the stars seem to bow
Unaware of the tears falling from the dreaming visions
Swimming in shallow, the soothing, want to make him listen…
The fact he must know, a smile again he must preach
Stars on our face do glow, but forgiveness is what we want to teach
A lone star you wish to stay, but reality of existence is all so fake
You praised the silence in whatever we spake,
But no more deep has remained the lake…
Thought then he, aloud of his whim
If the fish in the stream, with new waters everyday, swim
Without the desires they have to hold on
To what is now woebegone
And the stars reflect on the river
As if GOD has blessed them forever.
Then he should too swim like a friend on the shore
A friend he would be,Β  just a friend, and no more.

“All that is left with us, nay ME, is yet, a lost another day..
YET We are not losing the hope to live,
nor sardonically do our smiles away..
Happy we are to see a new day with the rising sun..
Forgetting the grief we felt last night,
moving on again, life again on the run!”

Threw he then, the burning cigar in the cold waters of Teesta
Flicked out the keys for his open jeep to go through a vista
With one stroke, the vehicle roared alive
Yes, he had to go, let go, far away drive
Into the wisdom of the dawn of the fading night
The long alley had to unwind many a moments dark & light.


Sharing here the “I Am The Forest” award,
wardedΒ by the Jingle Group πŸ™‚