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As I sit alone beside the flowing curtain
in my mind, with the breezing in wind, U walk in
and then not a moment goes in my heart
And on my lips that I am not smiling from within

Before time stops forever
I have a wish, a desire to sit with U
On a window painted white
watching the sky azure blue

to hear our poems sing in the winds
that blow across the sea’s surface
letting my hair fly loose
and touching your serene face

And come, let us also sit to watch
the moon come up in a sway
to let the moonlight spread
on our life’s milky way

the silent sea shall in its waves echo
the joys of our coming together
savouring the times that have come
Reminiscing the joys that they offer.

I would put my head on your shoulder
close my eyes and rest peacefully,
In the cool darkness of closed lashes,
there is this soft light of love within me.

A vision that glimmers in darkness,
The world I can see today through your eyes
The trinkets of love that ring in the silence,
chime a sweet intoxicating lullaby

Mellow words, sweet music,
The one that put me to sleep tonight,
When I sleep in my dreams it does play,
all that I could ask in dream sight.

~ Purvi Petal,Β Β© May 24, 2011


Thank You Jingle for nominating and awarding me stupendously with this glorious award and more (the others shall be listed with different poems now πŸ™‚ I nominate the following poets ~ Leo, Lady Nimue, Broken World, Becca, iris, Andy, Psyche, mindlovemisery , Ina & Ofcourse JINGLE herself πŸ™‚