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If & if I’ve hurt YOU
( I wont say that I didn’t ever do..
But always thought,
To my this,  you are used to..)
My ‘ I am Sorry
a million Galaxies could fill
as much as I wanna fill them do
You never worried me,
never lemme skip my beat
Why do you do this All the Time?
( Although Darling ! That has made You mine ! )
You shouldn’t lie to me now atleast
The pain You have must be really deep
‘Tis still not Out of the Chest called Heart
Locked in its Secret pocket with my name as codeMark
That pain, till its out & Gone
Will give its calling all along
& You like the Musk Deer
will go running around
To reach that deep strong sad familiar sound
It has to be reached
& heard & heeled
Through me, You need
that heeling to come through
Gimme a chance babe, Gimme a moment true !
I’m Alive coz You love me
The Day You gonna leave,
I’m gonna kill Me
nothing in Eternity’ll change
I’ll stay the same,
forever the same,
never to change
(Except for some Tears here & there that’ll fall as rain)
You’ll unite Me some time later above
Although, like, ever, You’ll again be Late, my Love
There’s no proof but if you remember
You are my Twin Soul that’s to entwine mine Sooner or Later
We ARE ‘The Same’ that met to separate to meet again
So in every life, hence, We’ll be doing the same.
It has to go on till We unite to merge forever
Absolving the Sins that sent Angels to Earth to suffer

Look Up to me for that eternal coming..!
You are ever So Caring Ever So Loving
Thats the thing that’s kept me moving
Nothing could be more endearing.
Now is the calling from Heaven coming
Now is the Time for eternal mingling!!

P.S. ~ An old penning

SunShine Blog Award (Courtesy Jingle Poetry Community)