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Not literally on the fixed pattern of an ode, but the feel is of one. πŸ™‚ Attempted by me and my friend.Β  It has a few uncommon words whose meaning too is not the typical lexical meaning often construed, but yes, very much lexically & contextually accepted ones in English. Pardon us for that but it was an attempt. They are what you said two different pieces.Β  The link is the last line in between , there … to add continuity but yes his lines talk about his idea of his lover and mine talk about my lover’s .. πŸ™‚ This poem is also for Thursday Poets RallyΒ 41

~The Alliterated Odes ~

The Most Creative Poet Award

Siddharth says~~~~~~

singing soft syllables stitching symphonies

melodiously mending, mellowing my miseries…

toiling through tough turbulent testing times

salvaging souls spreading sweet smiles …

collected, cool companion candidly confronting complications

livid lively levitating lustrous, love’s laminations….

emotional enduring ecstatic enchanting eyes ensnare,

foster faith, flaunt feelings, forever, fires flare…

holding hands, healing hurt, heralding harmony

moulds my mind, makes me merry

gods genuine grace generously granted

tumultuous time terminates, thanks to thee…

start ! speak ! say something serene,

Senorita , sing symphonies…..

Purvi sings ~~~~~~

Vital vigorous vigilant visionary virtuous

Daring dependable darling, delightfully delicious

vibrant vivacious vinous velvety voice

chivalrous charmer’s chocolaty choice

soft stout sappy sugary sweet smart sonorous

smooth spirited sapient stud synchronous

calm composed cavalier, comforting caring courter

clairvoyant cautious clever charismatic cruiser

punctilious pristine, playfully persistent patronizer

perfectly poised, pleasant poet popular

chatty cheerful childlike cute catchy

clear conscientious courteous choosy classy

Sane sanguine sober solemn Sapphire Signor

Brilliant beaming beau balanced beloved bachelor

The Most Creative Poet Award