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Long after You leave,
I stare into the night-sky of my monitor
wishing for You to shine back.
Once star Spangled,
now the sky is all barren,
with all its stars & shimmer stolen
by your mischievous shining eyes
You have hidden behind a dark cloud..
That with me sheds a few Tear Drops
as it unknowingly cries
Bursting are thunderbolts with diamond
ruby emerald ‘sparkles’
shattered across
the empty vast cart
tiny swaroski shards
of delicate crystal
~ my broken heärt
seer through, tear through
to push more pearls out
from a black & white spout
as, for YOU, the soul
yearns, pines & shouts..

Yet I shine in my smile
The luminosity of Your words
Has left me softly litUp.
Warm & smiling in your thoughts,
This starlight I borrowed
Will keep me alive another day.
Just one request..
Ah! Mercy! Your reviving visit gift me!
Do me this pious favor
& earn a blessing forever..








Thank you Thursday Poets Rally for the Perfect Poem Award. 🙂

I nominate Leo, Jingle And Baishali for the next award.