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“Hey! What is it that here I find
After my day’s toil & grind?”

A crumpled soiled wisp but crisp piece
Green but on touch doesn’t feel like leaf

“My Goodness! A 500 Rupee note?
How much in a day’s happiness it denotes
Out with friends at Cafe Coffee Day
Or a movie for two shall make way?
Or will it accommodate my week’s mobile bill
maybe, a new lipstick shall give me thrill
Why waste money on buying encyclopedia
An online book download is a better idea
What about that new pair of pepe jeans
With double the amount more thrown in?
Nah! A stiletto heels or a cotton Saaree
would be certainly be a bargain better..”
And so it continued to remain a perplexing matter 😐

Suddenly something caught my eye, advertised on TV
A child suffering a rare disease, a charity plea
It clutched my Heart to see his miserable condition
And though this meagre amount was hardly a contribution
Yet, I got the better of me, shelled out all
To pitch in with every other of my savings penny
together with that Went this extra bit of free money
I am happy the contribution went for a good cause
Every other idea was not worth a second pause
Especially the soul now felt satisfied for being so far-sighted
My heart at peace with this rendition, contentedly delighted !

Wrote as an answer to this vid: 500 (YouTube)