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The sun dialled my number

and called up at night

Told me in a  confessional code

’twas tired of shining so bright


Needed a break He desperately

wanted to hide in hay

sinking and rising was part of life

now he just wanted to stay away


seeking covers of clouds for shelter

often led him scattered helter-skelter

He wanted now a permanent recluse

Too tired, exhausted, he felt abused.

He too was a star he said

he wanted to twinkle at night

lost amongst a crowd of sparkles

he would share his light

Forgotten has He

That night turns to day only

When a star smiles wide

replenishing, rejuvenating life.

Today a flower called Hope

is asking the sun for his warmth

The flower needs to smile

It is only the sun that can

make it bloom for a while

Is the Sun wllling to dry

the mist that envelpos him

And share his awesome rays

Shedding his inhibitions some ?