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Pain makes no gain,
keeps pouring in like rain.
Somethings go to return,
reappear to vanish again.

The acid fall does not clean.
Nothing washes the settled dust.
The green speckles hidden
under the soot particles rust.

Existence is so much like
a factory outlet sale.
Some second hand air
and cheap life derailed.

The frozen winds arrive
the water droplets turn to ice.
The whites and blues
of the winters to freeze
have been taken over
by the browns and blacks
of the smog and sleaze.

Gusty winds, stormy seas,
lashing gales of musty weeds
yet walking a maze,
reaching the crease
curvy slopes
then silent breeze.
What clutched the heart
now holds no more.
I find a hollow
I hide inside;
seeking refuge
in embraces of silence;
once again,
all strife’s cease.

Like a moment’s bliss..
there is that streaming sunshine..
and then, pitch darkness again.
Am stuck… in my tunnel.
Life, refusing to budge.

Calm returns.
The evening sun shy
dust laden sky
pink & blue lights
blink in the eye
the yellow street lamps
& dazzling red lanterns
make up for the loss of
cracker stricken sky.

The night is dark, tinsel struck
A sliver of silver hangs wind-weathered,
beaten hollow and dented
where a cloud had kissed..
It panted in the chase of its favourite star,
the one that he blinked and missed!

On the outside, The World revels
Between wind gales & fuzzy drinks
Cozy hugs & smiley winks
Words of wishes as warm as mink
for each falling snowflake
On the lonely lamp-post.

Together all sing,
their favourite carols…

“Like the star of peace
it hangs in there
As if from Bethlehem sends
messages through the air
of sweet scents and songs
and carols to be sung
Of Holy Holly and sparkling wreaths
and red socks to be hung
Of Christmas trees and gifts
and presents and surprises galore
Of the waiting for each season
to arrive in life once more :)

“Let star-light touch its light of hope
Let it shine bright, the North Star white
so the traveller of mist may find
His true blessing, the destiny right..”

The chiming of the holy bells
brings luck for the rotten and dead;
the music that wafts in the air
cleanses the aura and purifies the head.

The sky … striped grey,
The white moon, all move away
As the gushing Sun among some silver Stars
moves ahead on its Orange pathway!

Dashing through the snow,
on a Seven Horse golden sleigh,
beating the clouds black on a sky blue,
The yellow sun of hope makes its way :)

New Dreams in A Petal Of Hope
A Star shines in the drop of Dew
yes, it is the right time to start
Start our years’ old life anew!

Walking Through The Scattered Sun,
One day Outside in December morn,
I see the First buds of spring!
Yes, it’s time for the merry spin,
The song of blessing arrives to sing.

As with curses I see, some blessings True..
Each time they come to me in adversity,
Each time it is YOU. Who is this YOU?
…I don’t know! The one who sends,
Must of course, of his plan better know. :)