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I am sinking again tonight.

Missing him too much,

the one whom I love,

the one who is my Life.

It’s all coming back to me now..

Like someone I read,

who had said..

If limitations are not waved,

but drown instead;

will Life bloom? I wonder.


Slamming the door shut on me,

He perhaps expected me

to go knocking again.

But not this time,

when he had, against it,

jacked bricks

(and also hurled a few at me!)

nail-fixed logs of wood

and also hauled up snow-walls.

I can’t break them all.

No, I can’t.

If that is a test My Love,

I have already given many,

walked on coals,

not any more.

No, I wont.


U said, a girl comes to meet a man even during war.

And I have so many times, when we have been at war.

But This time,

U will have to step down

from your pedestal

And rescue me.



Perfect poet award winner- week 34

I humbly and happily accept the award! :)) Thank you, Jingle

I nominate the following people : dancingfreak, Jamie Dedes, Belladonna23,ย Ina, Megzone, NV and ofcourse ofcourse Jingle !! Cheers to all!!