Everybody has somebody whom they love unconditionally. The truth of it is, once any bond is made it’s hard to break that bond. Yet, A sad and sometimes unjust fact of life is that people change: Hearts change, feelings change. Moments change. Sometimes circumstances change, or more, change the way that we feel, “they” feel, sometimes it is another influence from deep within ourselves. But how am I supposed to let go of someone I love, if I’m not even sure what love is? Letting go of your loved one is a slow & difficult step by step natural process, where, you save such moments in a box called heart to sit and reminisce in some special moments meant only for such memory albums.

Lighting a few candles
In my heart
a flame bursts each night
Some memories stay
Like flowers glowing in sunlight




And as the snow of time falls
Preserving beneath it
Moments pristine
Sealing them
Like a trekkers footprints
Lost binoculars
Some herbs divine
Fallen leaves buried
En route to be enshrined

Only once in a blue moon
When the sun shines translucent,
Formed in the melted snow
Do they reflect in the puddle of water
the times begone, once again, reminiscent.