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Beauty, brain, glamor, career, money…

Modern woman has got everything. That is, almost everything, except equality with men. She continues to be regarded as a second-rate human-being, a weakling and a play-thing. She still has miles to go before she can be what she is destined to be — A Free Woman.


The status of women in modern India is a sort of paradox. If on one hand she is at the peak of ladder of success, on the other hand she is mutely suffering the hurdles created by her own family members. The pain and agony of being a woman is not limited to being ogled at, or being subjected to biases of all multiple varieties. Neither is it limited to the most-talked-about-&-abused God-gifted endowment plus genetic capability of giving birth to a child or being killed in the womb. It can be much more than that, albeit in seemingly little and less significant packages of pain.

With the today’s woman-of-substance insistence, the amount of stress the woman is undergoing and braving, is unparalleled. She has to cope with the home chores of a five-star hotel like house a la home-maker_food-baker, office blues, personality management, social circle, perfect etiquette, kids’ school stresses, husband’s jobs dramas.. what not? But that goes for a married woman. A single unmarried woman has much more to deal with, what with the bosses believing, she has nothing to do except prettily twiddle her thumbs at home, thus the question.. “What do you do at home? (Since) You are single (& seemingly not ready to mingle) hence, take it home! Take the files, the .ppt, the meeting, the backlog, the headache, the tension home..” And wham! the entire thing comes to U, headlong! Damn it! Darn that!

A working woman, rushing to catch her train, bus, metro, tram, whatever! Or if its her own vehicle, heaven help then! Be in charge of all the sundries at home as well as office.. no wonder women are bad drivers; they have so much up their sleeve that its difficult to maneuver the car you see!

And then, with that, she cannot fail! She isn’t just allowed to! Those days are over man! She ought to be an ultra smart chic chick who cannot fumble or falter. She is slim, fit and Miss Perfect. Has to be. No other alternative. So, thanks to the little number of perfect woman, the rest of the half world suffers. They wont get an off on those few blue days because the ads for sanitary napkins say “stay free” not “hands off” ! Go play, jump, dump yourself ! They insist and so do the doctors that its nothing like any pain. The only things that matter are cervical cancer, uterine tuberculosis or AIDS. Only that is pain. Those teeny-weeny-meany things called swellings, heart-aches (literally), head-spins, cysts and fibroids aren’t. I forgot to mention PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) & Retroverted Uterus. I think U should read this too:

Lisa Ray has Cancer

Model and Bollywood actress Lisa Ray has been diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a rare cancer of the plasma cells, and reportedly  the disease is “incurable”. Quoting her:

“I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma on June 23. Started my first cycle of treatment July 2. Not long ago. For me, it was a relief to hear what was wrong,”
Explaining her disease, Lisa said: “Myeloma is incurable. It’s a relatively rare cancer of the bone marrow… Every year, approximately 2,100 more cases are diagnosed. I’m a junior member in many ways, having been diagnosed at 37, while the average age is 65… makes the disease not quite as ’sexy’ as other cancers.”

“The plasma cells in my bone marrow were rampaging, multiplying, squeezing out the red blood cells and it was time to begin doing something about it. I was also tired of being tired all the time. So when I sat there with Bobcat, my life partner and reservoir of Yellow, and got the news I didn’t react and I didn’t cry. I’m an actress, believe me, I can be dramatic. Not just then though!

(courtesy http://blog.karachiundernet.com/lisa-ray-has-cancer/)

The Pillar Of The Family

Multitasking ,deadlines, schedules absorbed in a swirl of activities at home and at one’s work place , the empowered woman of today —- the pillar of the family , can often damage ones own physical and mental well-being. GOOD NUTRITION and healthy lifestyle, a must for every woman, that can contribute significantly towards a woman’s healthy, are often overlooked in the hustle-bustle of an active life she is now expected to lead as ‘DE WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE!’
I know, all the happy successful women wouldn’t agree with me but for every such happy woman, there are scores of unhappy women who are struggling for survival in the shadow of their one such superwoman.
A woman’s rapid growth during adolescence, the demands of pregnancy and lactation can result in low levels of nutrients like iron, folic acid and calcium. In addition low energy diets, slimming regimes, eating disorders make women even more vulnerable to nutritional inadequacies.
“Beauty is the first present nature has given to women and the very first it takes away.” Yes, youthful, radiant skin, free of blemishes is a gift of nature, but due to the extreme exposure to sun, pollution, stress and bad dietary habits the glow is lost… And then we talk of over-expenditure on cosmetics! :-/


Truly speaking, it is the woman who works the hardest in the family from morning till night.. dawn to twilight.. And what more, wherever the woman be, a village or a city, she is often working harder than the husband, contributing in not only longer hours but also more work, and such work that is supposedly man’s domain and only a man is capable of (the hard work) like ploughing the fields, using all the equipment used in the fields, carrying loads of water in deserts, construction labourer.. and so many such tasks. We are responsible for killing the women with too much stress.


Quoting Avril aptly here:

I cannot find a way to describe it

It’s there inside

All I do is hide

I wish that it would just go away

What would you do

You do if you knew

What would you do

All the pain

I thought I knew

All the thoughts lead back to you

Back to what

Was never said

Back and forward

Inside my head

I can’t handle this confusion

I’m unable come and take me away

I feel like I’m all alone

All by myself I need to get around this

My words are cold

I don’t want them to hurt you

If I show you

I don’t think you’d understand

‘Cause no one understands

I’m going nowhere on and on and

I’m getting nowhere on and on and on

I’m going nowhere on and on and off and on and off and

Take me away

Break me away

Take me away


And perhaps this says it all 😉 ~

The Better Option 😛 @ https://puplumages.wordpress.com/2010/09/02/the-better-option-p/