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The brother-sister duo sitting on the net the entire day either working or gaming loves to click yes to the attractive thalis, gifts and decorations they find so appealing at online shopping malls, courtesy the colorfully dressed online windows of the amazingly attractive websites and jaw-dropping discounts they offer. (I can see my friend Harsh posting links of lovely Salwar-Kameez online shopping options via Shopper’s Stop & Pantaloons, or some Diamond Jewllery for his sisters to choose from! 😉 and in return is expecting some Hugo boss Watch, Mac, a Bike 😀 and the like to choose from! :P)

As it is, Wouldn’t it be nice if the best fashion bargains leapt out of the shops and on to our lap just as we bemoaned the lack of time to check out the factory outlets? Instead of getting to being one of the desperadoes wanting to jump the queue at the over-crowded malls or screaming their lungs out at the screeching horns of a jam-packed traffic junction, they prefer the peace and choice of the gift-options available at these websites that help them hand-pick the perfect gift for their sibling. Not just now, with Raksha-bandhan close, but also for other bright occasion like Diwali and Christmas not far away!

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However, some caution is definitely asked for before you hurry to click a site in the first place!

A few points to be kept in mind are:

  • Dos: Make sure the portal is an authentic one. Some basic visual safety symbols which indicate the vendor’s legitimacy include the VeriSign logo or a green browser address bar. Also, a genuine website would have an address beginning with https:// (instead of simply http://) with the ‘s’ standing for security. Any of these three things means the website is secure and cannot be intercepted by Third party fraudsters.


  • Donts: Never part with too much of personal information on any shopping portals. If not more, they add to a lot of nuisance mails later.


  • Using Credit Cards : The two-factor authentification is a must while using your credit-card for online shopping.In simple words, it means, that  you should opt for an option of a two-tier entry. The first is that of keying in your user name & password. The second is providing an additional password, a numeric security code, answering personalized questions which only the actual owner of the card is supposed to know.


  • Where to use : To avoid smart hackers from accessing your information stored in the desktop cookies in the system and reaching thus your accounts and swiping them clean, DO NOT use Cyber Cafes, common desktops (like as in offices), or even locations offering online connections through wireless networks.
  • Personalized desktops at home are the best option. You can use an office one too; BUT at BOTH the places, the following caution should be observed: At least once a week, Scan thoroughly for viruses that may have seeped in while downloading MP3, movies and other freeware. Try using a virtual keypad that uses your mouse-clicks to register your entry/password when net-banking instead of storing your keyboard-pushes. This is available as an online application.

Follow these, and go mad hitting the ‘shop’ button!! 😉