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There, at my window as I sit
musing, in my thoughts adrift
You always, to my lost eyes, steal in
from a place my heart has sealed in.
Glowing, with the pearls in my eyes
Sparkling, your memory, never ever shies.

There drips the last drop
of that shining dew-drop
like a diamond, sparkling much..
but a tear the moment you touch;
flowing down the heart of a leaf
perhaps, all that is left is grief.

There hangs a drenched bough
Flowerless, except a pink bud though
Whispering to the winds that touch
There is not left in me much..
So as you pass, please gently blow
I wish to stand longer, the timeless flow.

With each sip of the soothing lime-tea
I let my stream of thoughts end up in a sea
A vast deposit of precious jewels where rest
Each moment, a life spent without sunsets
I look watching further,
towards the end of the rising rainbow
Perhaps there stands my goldman,
not merely an ephemeral shadow.

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