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Email burst busts the mailing system! 😦

I got mail ! 🙂 And it says.. if you think you are unhappy, look at them 😐


You got mail !

Fwd: FW: : True!! CREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPY, TRY IT !!!!!!!!!! The
Phone literally rang as soon as I read
The last word of this email!!!!!

No, I didn’t say that.. it’s the mail said so, you see.. Whoa! So much for mails! Ok guys, this truly is freaky! No, I don’t mean the experiment of opening the mail & reading it to the tail-end only to discover a scatter-brained, dim-witted, all-free-no work idiot’s stupid game-plan of sending his friends in a tizzy of mail-sending euphoria thanks to websites like these : http://runningsoonstable.com/

U got mail 😛

Yeah, these are the Self-appointed, non-subscribed advisors on board who keep sending you creepy crap crabs, in the name of mails, to bite! These foaming in the mouth mails with threats, warnings, presumptions, prejudices, hoaxes, dumbing-mumbing statistics and chain-mails are ever so ready to paralyse you with the oh-so-scary/tempting “Forward this to a certain XYZ no. of people or else..” :-X Holy Cow!

Evil Dead ~ eh my computer with me!

By the way, what made them decide; rather, how do they know, what one could be suffering in life? Do pain, suffering, agony have any parameters? Is there a comparison? And in this online virtual world, how actually do you know if the unfortunate receiver is as happy-but-grumpy as you’ve simply assumed them to be? (You have rather assumed a little more ~ they, according to you are selfish/self-centred/self-obsessed/cribbing-complaining-noveu-rich/spoilt-brats..isnt it?) On what basis may I ask? Simply because they choose to post happy cheerful profile pics of theirs and tell you they are *fine/gr8/fab* whenever you choose to ask them casually “how u doin bud?/wassup??” ? Maybe they are pretending? And for God’s sake, why should they share it with you? You, who’ll shoot another mail on 1000 postulates of happiness thrust down their already choked throats! Hah! What a blind, sadistic approach!

C’mon! Half the world is already down in the pits, why the hell do you want to torture people with more? The ‘if not-then this’ threat comes so very often bullying you with the worst to befall, that you often wonder, is that all left to take care of the world? Is there a God actually? If some one really wants to think positive, it is these people who need to do so, who, for whatever reason or without any, choose unsuspecting targets from their friend/mailing list to bombard with mails lecturing them about how much more the world is suffering than this friend of theirs.

And it is open news that many an individual in this world today are sadder than they could be. Why push them to tearing their hair apart? Why torture them more? They are already depressed perhaps, putting up a brave front, a smiling stance, fighting their depression. Such rubbish only adds to their woes. They don’t need lectures on pateince & contentment & satisfactory sustenance in a world that is already beating them with deadlines! Have Mercy!

Here are a few more sarcasms on chain-mails from the world of blogs.







There it goes Shooooooooting!!!!! 😛

The place that offers the worm also offers the deworming medication.. so.. The sites that best offers you respite from chain mails is here:


& http://www.meroguff.com/2008_11_01_archive.html

And you can use forwardOn.com. It’s a great service for preventing chain letters, hoax emails, etc. 🙂 Take Care!