Diamond Crystals And Water

There is nothing that runs faster than time
yet slowest it is..
and faster than it are images
that travel at lightening speed in the mind..
the words that play the game of lame, dumb & mum..
that dont walk out of my mouth..
run to play hide & seek,
shrieking mockingly at me
catch me if U can.
faster than light, travels the sun of memories in me
so I feel suffocated, bearing the torch of emotions
yet I feel so cold & dead inside
iced.. crystalline ice.. impregnable.

Water is wet, even etymologically.
But in this life it stays wryly dry,
never changing even periodically.

ice melting – it’s desirable..
yet it is.. an Ice Sculpture,
iced.. crystalline ice..
an Ice Sculpture, impregnable.
the iceman sculpted in a pondering pose
A Frozen Soul, A Soul in deep silence…

 A Frozen Soul, A Soul in silence deep…
my soul, sitting in the vessel of my body
the crystal mirroring it in my deeds.
came face to face with its soulmate
it dissolved, and became a pot(-pourri) of emotions
when its reflection fell in the mirror of your soul
(when (was) mirrored in you)
and beamed back at me
The icicle statue shattered
The shadow of ice shattered .
The glass of the mirror
It melts and dissloves like mercury
when U the sun shine on
your blaze of ur beauty being
the alchemist.

All that is now is just water under the bridge.
pools of water with unforeseen stumbling blocks
with their complex distortions of space and shadow,
A wraith like effect..
the illusion of underwater ripples
snaking, quivering,
giving gentle reflections,
adding transparency
Saline emotions in arctic oceans
Water simulations, brine rejection

Squirrling in my mind are animated thoughts..
pebbles of memories cause ripples wrought
You let not crystalise them, to let me live in jellies..
a little gooey.. a bit pulpy .. palpably squishy

I have held in me..
a song, a story..
like water it flows now..
it flows.. within me..
brushing fables and parables anew
I sit under the bodhi tree
(the wisdom tree)
I wish i could sing them to U
I mirror the elixir that is within me..
I dont let it freeze..
I let it be free..