This poem was inspired instantaneously after I began reading Coelho’s “BY RIVER PIEDRA I SAT AND WEPT”, an outcome of the read of the very first page.
For The person who suggested this book to me.. almost to the extent of forcing.. , of all the things, I am only & only truly thankful to him for suggesting this book to me.. the only good outcome of our conversations.
And I shall be indebted for this good that was done to me.
Maybe, the poem doesnot make any sense to anyone.. its perhaps a weird poem, but spoken with a lot of sentiments that were evoked when I had read just the very first page of this tremendous book.. sorry if it sounds like its advertisement, but the simplicity of Coelho’s write, connects us universally to his work, each based on the same theme ( for me, its Love) & common underlying thread/idea/concept, yet, unique not in its treatment or approach, but for the way it touches you. What might seem like grammatical errors are deliberate and so are the abrupt linebreaks, because keeping the poem this way helps me read it with multifarious meanings.

River water aqua ~
Aquarius I am.
Perhaps thats why
I Love
River Rains Tears.
A river doesnt run near me
So I run a river in me
And sometimes, outside.
It quenches
The Pain I seek
To redress the hurt
Of failure that does not
Flow away.
With the river of time
It stands like a stuck pole
stinging, hurting, hitting.
Each time I bang into it.
So I flow