Today, while catching some afternoon news at Star News, I came across a very interesting show of theirs where they took the visitors to footpaths! Yeah! You could say am talking about yet another street food show and all you junk-food non-junkies may begin to smirk and turn up their noses… 

 Hey ! Wait! Hold on.. This is something different. Now have you ever heard about footpath picnic? And having Locha on footpath picnic apart from other crazy food stuff? Am sure, by now all my Indian friends must be laughing their lungs out, but guys, this is different from your chemical locha 😛 

Yes, there is a ‘locha’ involved, that too, related to foooood! 😮 

P.S. Am sure if Cheten Bhagat’s female protagonist in ‘2 States’ gets to read this, she’ll again make faces! 😉 

But here, there is a twist to the thali! (By the way, just to clarify, am no great foodie, but thanks to my mom’s cookery interests 😉 , her constant efforts to expose us to epicurean delights 😛 , and her mad love for all shows culinary, 😀 I too have developed a penchant to feast my eyes at all the great food items plus related crockery & cutlery 8) )  

So here I was, wide-eyed, watching the ammmazing, very hot n spicy, steamy (literally!;)), peppy locha bhel being gorged by all and sundry in Surat’s bylanes. Locha is actually a farsan (better known as nashta or a breakie), a course that culinary connoisseurs describe as “tidbits that you have before, during and after a Gujarati meal”. What was more intriguing was that people, rather families, feasted sitting squatted on the pavements all about, picnicking on footpaths; they had either brought the food packed from home, some had ordered from hotels, but most loved them straight from the khomchawala or better called, the lochawala! 😉 And THAT is the order there, it is their style. Street food is very popular and is a must-do activity if you visit Surat. By default, Gujaratis are food loving guys. They are always in mood of exploring new food spots and at the same time they don’t let go their original or you can say their fixed food spots. It was literally a surprise for me, something about my own country, yet me so unaware.

Locha Bhel, Locha Pav, Locha Pizza, Locha Hot-dog.. what not! The list seems to go on and on. Apart from Locha, which is Chana-dal (gram-pulse) soaked overnight, ground and then steamed, in a concotion of tangy chutneys (such as tamarind, tomato, raw-mango, mint, green-chillies, and coriander), vinegar and sauce mixtures served in a jiffy to satiate your morning hunger. 

Apart from this locha that gives your tongue a twist rather than you, there are tongue-twister snacks named khaman dhokla, khaja, khandavi, fafda and many other food-stuffs that can send your stomach’s rats racing to knock the doors of your taste-buds that may salivate till you decided to answer them! 😛 

Here I am putting up a few pics to act as an appetizer just to help you with the same 😉

indian biriani make mouthwatering indian potato               an indian meal         crusted potato favored with the unique flavor and aroma of fenugreek
sweet rice flavored with saffron and cardamom            indian korma