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School Inside was Fear & Tension but School Outside was fun ! 😉

From the gates to the lawns
would peep ten(10) pairs of eyes
naughty, black, curious, tiny
amazement writ wide !
They would all aspire for
those kacchi ambees*
and just a bit more tangy,
those tasty kachchi imlis, shatoot & berkoot**
as also the jamuni jamuns and guava green amroods

Desperate for just one piece dropping
They would try to climb the walls.
to get their prized catch;
or, escaping the sharp rotund watchman,
stealthily break the latch!
The classes couldn’t be missed
so they would make excuses lame
visiting the infirmary was the reason provided
without any shame!

The chhole-bhature, served
with sweet aam-chutney and red-hot chilli pickle
were happily passed on the blame!
The bittersweet chooran-chutney and green bers,
Buying them for Re 1 was then a ladder to fame!
Flaunting them and not sharing
with dearest of mischief partners
was a regular part of the game!
The small pea-sized beri and faalse
would stain the hands and teeth purple.
The Lips were smacked and
the tongues would tickle and chuckle
Slurrrrp went the ice-cream, tingling the throats
or while crunching the ice-golas,
the taste-buds would gloat!

CLick snapping open the nimbu-paani soda bottles,
delightful to watch the kanchas go pop and float!
What pleasure was it to be a child,
gorging on pocket-money-bought delicacies
till we went broke!! #

*ambees =raw green mango
**imli berkoot = tamarind fruit khatta meetha powder I used to love 😛


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