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To all my friends ~

I want to thank all my friends and other unknown people who have forwarded chain letters to me in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007. Because of your kindness:

* I stopped drinking Coca-Cola after I found out that it’s good only for removing toilet stains.

* I have stopped going to the movies for fear of sitting on a needle infected with AIDS

* I smell like a wet dog since I stopped using deodorants because they cause cancer.#

* I also stopped answering the phone for fear that they may ask me to dial a stupid number and then I get a phone bill from hell with calls to Uganda , Singapore and Tokyo.

* I also stopped drinking water outside for fear that I will get sick from the rat shit and urine.

* When I go to parties, I don’t look at any girl, no matter how hot she is, for fear that she will take me to a hotel, drug me, then take my kidneys and leave me taking a nap in a bathtub full of ice.

* My free Nokia phone never arrived and neither did the free passes for a paid vacation to Disneyland.

* Made some Hundred wishes before forwarding those Dalai Lama, Ganesh Vandana, Tirupathi Balaji pics etc… Now most of those “Wishes” are already married (to someone else)!

You can add your own notes based on your similar experience and send them to your friends.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do not send this e-mail to at least 9133760 people in the next 10 seconds, a bird will shit on your head today.

Give me a break!!

This was forwaded to us, Nice one and You should just read this…

# However, do note this:

Boy Dies After Using Too Much Deodorant

Spitted out by ehemplo on November 25th, 2008. Filed under: News

Can you believe this?

A 12-year-old English boy named Daniel Hurley collapsed and died from heart problems after spraying too much deodorant in the family bathroom.

He was using too much deodorant which resulted in cardiac arrhythmia and collapsed immediately in the bath. He died five days later in the hospital.

The solvents in the spray triggered the cardiac arrhythmia. The inhalation of the solvent almost certainly led to his death.

This is just bizarre.

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